万圣节耶!Yay! Halloween!

Halloween has come! Have you carved a pumpkin and eaten much candies? Here are our second graders celebrating Halloween in the class! All the students were dressed up as a superman, a witch, a cute bunny and little princess, ect. Wow! They also shared candies with their classmates and teachers. Do you like the little pumpkin candy bag?

Look! They were doing a project about Halloween too. Students were divided by three groups to complete different  tasks like painting on the paper plate with, making a skull with cotton swabs, doing Chinese puzzle with halloween words on worksheet and making a pumpkin lanterns. Once they have done one of them, they could get a star. As a reward, they can get candies!!! Yay!! Great job! Second graders!




Where is the Fall? 秋天在哪里?











As the Fall has come, we wonder what does the Fall look like in the students’ eyes, how do they  describe it in Chinese. Wow! They are writing a poem for their own Fall story in Chinese.

Where is the Fall?

Where is the Fall?

The Fall comes with Halloween.

There are weird costumes.

There are black cats.

There are pumpkin patches.

Here is the Fall.

Here is the Fall.

How wonderful it is! Do you want to share your Fall stories with us? Come share with us.

在小朋友的眼里自信是什么? What is confidence in the little kids’ eyes?




We have been learning the PYP attitude little by little. The girl in the photo is drawing pictures for those attitude. What are the respect, creativity, confidence, tolerance, independence, cooperation, curiosity and commitment in her eyes?

when she first went to school for kindergarden, she was unhappy, she was crying, she is fear seeing all the new looks. So confidence for her is that she can go to school with no fear and tell herself “I can do it! “

什么是PYP教育观? What is PYP perspective?



I luckily got a training from LILA (Forest Lake International Academy) this week, which was very helpful for me to know PYP and IB and their perspective. A driving force behind the PYP is deeply held philosophy about the nature of international education. The programs encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. They suggest that school encourage students to have the attitudes like Appreciation, Commitment, Confidence, Cooperation, Creativity, Curiosity, Empathy, Enthusiasm, Independence, Integrity, Respect and Tolerant. In the second grade, students have been learning some of them at the moment. Teachers usually lead students to think what it is by themselves which is very good to help students understand the real meanings and what to do to show those attitudes in the classroom.


简介 Introduction



I am Dee wang, graduated from the University of Science and Technology with Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSL)  . I taught Chinese for the International students who studied in the University of Science and Technology and China University of Geosciences for half a year and got one-year experience for working at Bendigo South East College of Australia as a volunteer Chinese teacher. I am doing a language ambassador job at Forest International Language Academy (Elementary Campus). It is a semi-public school which runs Spanish and Chinese Immersion Program. Compared to the Spanish Immersion program, Chinese one is totally new with six-year history. Teachers and students who are involved in the Immersion program must speak the aim language, that is, teachers must explain the aim language and sometimes maths and English by the aim language. I am working with the second grade at the moment, helping the classroom teacher with teaching and management. This blog is for recording the conclusions and reflections  from the class and sharing the interesting anecdotes happened in the classroom. I hope it will be helpful.

In this month, we focused on the classroom rules and daily routines, reviewed the Chinese characters and mathematical addition and subtraction of the first grade, while training students to form a good reading habit and get a optimistic study attitude. I was so amazed by the students’ Chinese level and the ability of study.