Minnesota’s winer life

It getting colder and colder in Minnesota. Heavy snow here is very common. As a girl from the central part of China, I haven’t seen such a heavy snow for a long time. To be honest, it makes me more harder to go somewhere I want to go because of the slippery roads and rare public transportation. Luckily, the host families are so nice taking us to watch the Monster Truck Show which  was so loud and crazy, from the show I saw American enthusiasm and passion to their life. I am enjoying the beautiful snow views and getting to know more about Minnesota’s winter life. All the activities like ski, ice-skate, ice fishing, sled are kind of new for me, so “cold but excited” are the best descriptions of my feelings about the winter here.



Thanksgiving is an occasion for all families to get together and have fun. I made the flower napkin stands with my American grandma. Later on Thanksgiving Day, we had a splendid meal and played the American card games with my host family. What surprised me was that they invited me to play Chinese mahjong. Lol. It was great fun spending time with them and talking a lot about cultural differences. I can totally feel American’s hospitality and humor.

Before the Thanksgiving Day, we had the “Thank you” activity for students. Every student watched a video about how Thanksgiving came from and discussed what we usually do on this big festival day all together. Then they got ten pieces of leaves shape paper, and wrote down the names who and what they want to thank. They can be very creative on what they design. It can be a leaves crown,christmas tree ornament or some gift cards to their families and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!