Groups study

By helping the class, I have learnt a variety of teaching methods. I reckon that the group study is a wise way to teach different levels of students and make the students engaged. For example, to help students with Chinese characters and reading, we could divide students into 4 groups, group 1 can practice the Chinese character recognition with the newspaper, group 2 read the books with the CD player, group 3 write the Chinese characters with sugar or sand and group 4 follow the teacher to review what they have learnt recently. Then students rotate. By this way, students are more concentrate and small group make them focus more.


Let’s meet Dr. Seuss

We have been learning Folk Tales for our PYP program recently. Our second graders have been to a theater for watching a play called Sneetch edited by Dr. Seuss. In the library, we’ve been busy reading lots of books by Dr. Seuss, to celebrate the play, Seussical Jr. this past weekend AND to celebrate Dr. Seuss! Seussical Jr is a musical played by our upper students. They did a great job.
Dr. Seuss’s birthday, next Thursday, March 2nd, coincides with Read Across America Day!
Are you doing anything special?


We have got the chances to observe other grade levels and classes to learn more about different teaching methods and classroom management.

It was a wonderful experience for me observing one class today. It showed me how special and organized your class is. I have never thought that the classroom can be such a sweet home. By setting the posts, pictures, signs, cushions, pillows and even bathtub, I think every student knows that they are an important part of this “home” and gets their ownership in the classroom. Awesome!!! The classroom teacher set a very good example for building a healthy relationship with students.

How to help students reflect.

Recently, we have been working on how to help students reflect. In our classroom, we have   an area named “time out” chairs to help students to be reflective. If a student can’t follow the direction, doing what they are not supposed to do in the class, interrupting etc, they need to take a break on the “time out” chair.

What can the teacher do? Help them being reflective by asking questions. For example, Why do you go to “time out” chair? What do you think over there? What will you do when you come back the class?


About reading

For American kids, they have their own choices to pick the books they like for reading. Parents and teachers focus on helping kids to get a habit of reading everyday. Of course, they have a reading test which help teachers divide students into different reading levels before they get  into a new grade. So kids can pick the books within their levels. The reading mode they have been using is quite different from China ones.